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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a sample?

Sure. You can get (unprinted) samples in the sizes you need. Get in touch with our customer service for more information () or just send us an Email ().

If you have doubts regarding the size or quality of our products, we advise you to first place a test order in the size and/or material of your choice. Make sure you remove all prints from the order so that the product(s) remains blank. After conducting your test, you can return us the tested products which we will gladly exchange against a coupon or a similar garment.

If you would like to specifically test our printing results prior to placing a sizeable order, we recommend you to firstly order a single item with the desired print on it. Should you be unhappy with the final result, we would be glad to exchange the product in question or provide you with a coupon.

For all requests regarding samples, simply contact our friendly customer service per telephone (1-833-395-0374) or per e-mail (info@teamshirts.com).