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4 Insider Tips for your Next Disney World Family Vacation

The Happiest Place on Earth

4 Insider Tips for your Next Disney World Family Vacation

BlogLifestyle4 insider tips for your disney vacation

Disney World is one of the most magical places on earth, and a family vacation to this dreamy destination is on many family bucket lists. But as seasoned park-goers will attest, there's more to a successful Disney World trip than just showing up with a few Minnie Mouse ears and a camera. To truly make the most of your time at the park, it's important to know a few insider tips that can help you navigate the crowds, avoid the lines, and have an unforgettable time.

Here are the top 4 insider tips for your next Disney World family vacation:

Insider Tips to for Disney World family vacations

1. Get there early and hit the most popular rides first thing in the morning

One of the biggest challenges of visiting Disney World is dealing with the crowds. Lines for the most popular rides can stretch for hours, and the sheer number of people can make it tough to move around the park. However, if you get there early and head straight to the most popular rides first thing in the morning, you can avoid much of the chaos. Not only will the lines be shorter, but the cooler morning temperatures make it more pleasant to wait outside. I know, getting up early on vacation might not be the most attractive option, but you'll be glad you've done so when you see the time you're saving. Plus, you can then spend the rest of the day exploring the park at a more leisurely pace.

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2. Take advantage of Disney Genie+ and other line-skipping options

bonus tips to help avoid crowds at Disney World

Disney World offers a number of line-skipping options, including:

  • The Disney Genie+ system

What is the Disney Genie+ system? This is a paid system that replaced the previous Fast Pass+ system and allows guests to reserve a time slot for certain attractions and skip the regular line. This helps guests avoid long lines and crowds at popular attractions. This can be a huge time-saver, particularly for popular rides like Space Mountain or Splash Mountain. The additional cost is $15.98 per person per day, but is WELL worth it. Do keep in mind, however, some of the most popular lines require an additional fee on top of the additional cost (an additional, additional fee?)… so be sure to go over all the options and understand what you’re getting for your money.

  • Single Rider lines

Waiting in line for an hour or more is not exactly fun, especially if you have young children with you. But did you know that many of the rides have a Single Rider line which is usually much shorter than the regular standby line? You might not be able to sit with your family members, but the wait time will be much shorter, which for some families is actually a win-win situation! 😂

  • VIP Tours

Although it is quite pricey and won’t be an option for everyone, VIP Tours come with a personal guide who can help you navigate the park and get priority access to rides as well as VIP food options. For those of you REALLY wanting to splurge, this may be your best bet.

  • “My Disney Experience App”

What is the My Disney Experience app? The My Disney Experience app is an app that guests can use to check wait times, make dining reservations, view park maps, and plan their day. If you’ve been to Disney World before you already know how frustrating it can be to walk alllllll the way across the park only to find that the ride you were seeking has a 3 hour wait. The My Disney Experience app can help you avoid long lines and crowded areas and make the most of your time at the park.

  • Stay at a Disney resort

Staying at a Disney resort puts you right in the thick of the action. By staying so close to the park you will be able to get in and out of the park more quickly. Not only that, but guests of official Disney Resorts also have access to “Early Theme Park Entry”. What is that you ask? Well, this leads us directly to our next Disney World insider tip!








3. Be aware of “Early Theme Park Entry” and use it!

Disney World family vacations tips

Like we just mentioned, if you're staying at a Disney World resort, you'll have access to something called Early Theme Park Entry.

As a replacement to “Extra Magic Hours”, Early Park Entry allows official Disney Resort guests to enter any Disney theme park 30 minutes before it is officially open! This means that you can ride some of the most popular attractions without having to wait in line for very long. It's a great way to maximize your time at the park and get the most out of your vacation.

Make sure to check the fine print to ensure the resort at which you are staying qualifies for Early Park Entry.

4. Plan and print your custom family vacation t-shirts ahead of time

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With these insider tips and custom family vacation t-shirts from TeamShirts, you'll be well on your way to a magical Disney World experience that you'll never forget. So pack your bags, grab your Mickey ears, and get ready for a trip that's sure to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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