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4 Creative Custom T-Shirt Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

Let's Go, Girls!

4 Creative Custom T-Shirt Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

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Get ready! As anticipation is growing around the bride-to-be's big day, it's not the only celebration on the horizon. It's up to you to make sure the bachelorette party is absolutely spectacular.

Whether you're thinking about a raucous rager downtown, a destination that's to die for, or a simple celebration with the rest of the gals, you want the bachelorette party to be one to remember. Well… parts of it anyway, if you're going the rager route.

One great way to do that is with a custom t-shirt designed with the spirit of your celebration in mind. But with so many options out there and with so many played-out and tacky off-the-rack choices, it can be difficult to decide — especially if there isn't a graphic designer in the bridal party.

Don't know where to start? Don't worry! We've got a couple of awesome bachelorette party t-shirt ideas for you to get the gears turning before the drinks start flowing.

Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Ideas

You don't want to go out on the town without everyone knowing who’s part of the party, right? That's why the squad has to roll with custom shirts designed specifically for your celebration. There are a ton of options, though, when it comes to bachelorette party t-shirts, so we've compiled this list of great ideas to help you come up with the perfect design.

Bachelorette T-Shirt Ideas

Give it a Theme

If your bachelorette party has a theme, half your work is done for you. The theme could be based on the destination — if you're going to the beach, for instance — or it could be a little more conceptual. Think about some of the bride's favorites. Her favorite song, her favorite movie, her favorite decade, even, and use that to inform your choice.

You just want to make sure the bride's shirt sets her apart from the rest of the crew. Make sure hers identifies her as the bride-to-be in some way, and you might consider making hers a different color, too.


Slap a Silly Slogan on It

bridin' dirty bachelorette party t-shirt

A great bachelorette party t-shirt always has a great slogan on it. From cheesy to boss-babe, your slogan can inform the vibe your party is going to have. If you can tie the theme to the party itself in some way, that's great, or if you can make it personal to the bride, even better. Again, just remember that the bride's shirt should be unique, while the rest of the ladies should support what she's got going on.

Here are a few of our favorites for the bride:

  • No Time to Siesta, It's my Final Fiesta
  • Bridin' Dirty
  • Sun, Sand, and a Ring on My Hand
  • My Last Ride Before I'm the Bride
  • I'm the Bride


And the corresponding slogans for the party-goers:

  • Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat
  • They See Us Rollin', Celebratin'
  • Sun, Sand, and a Drink in My Hand
  • Bride's Last Ride
  • I'm the one with the drinks/dance moves/alibi

Location, Location, Location

Bachelorette Party Custom T-Shirt Ideas

If you're going somewhere special, make sure you take that into your design consideration.

Mountains? Beach? Lakehouse? All have great looks you can play with. If you're going to a specific city?

Even better. Las Vegas shirts would look great with neon colors, dice, and cards, and Nashville shirts would look awesome in earth tones with cowboy boots and guitars.

Make it Personal

Print Bachelorette Party T-Shirts

You want the bachelorette party to be a night the bride will never forget, so we always recommended to make things personal, if at all possible. Is there an inside joke you can reference? What about a memory you all share? What kind of wines best represent everyone's personality? You can even personalize things by adding in the location, date and the bride's name so that when she's looking for a sleep shirt a few years later, she'll remember the (second) best night of her life.





Other Considerations for a Successful Bachelorette Party

Once you've got your shirts designed and TeamShirts is printing them up, you're well on your way to throwing the best bachelorette party anyone's seen.

Figure Out What People Can Afford

Night out or weekend away? Fancy dinner or snacks at the bar? You don't want anyone to feel excluded during the party, so make sure you're not stretching anyone too thin financially. It can make for a pretty awkward night if not everyone can participate in all the activities you've got planned.

Get an Approved Guest List

The bride has a ton on her plate, but you do want to make sure the vibe is right. Even if her mother-in-law insisted that the groom's second cousin be at the bridal party, the bride might not want to spend the whole weekend with someone she might not feel comfortable around. Also, let the ladies know what to expect. How many outfits are they going to need?

Plan Downtime

If your party is more than one night out, don't jam-pack the celebration with back-to-back activities and outings. A lot of the fun of a bachelorette party is getting all of the bride's friends and family together to enjoy each other's company. There needs to be plenty of time for relaxation built in.

Got all that? Great! Now let's get to work on those shirts…


team bride bachelorette party t-shirt

Get Started with the TeamShirts Design Wizard!

Did that get the creative juices flowing? Great! Now it's time to head over to TeamShirt's Design Wizard and see what your shirt designs will look like in real life! It's super easy to use because we're constantly developing our process to make designing, ordering, and receiving your shirts as easy as possible.

Got some picky ladies in the party? No worries! You can design multiple different themes and see what everyone likes best with our voting function. Looking for customized prints for everyone in your party? We do that too, at no extra cost! Once you've settled on the perfect shirt(s), our easy ordering and crazy-fast shipping will have your shirts in your hand well before that first bottle is popped.





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