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Custom T-Shirts Ideas for the Perfect Family Reunion

Family Ties

Custom T-Shirts Ideas for the Perfect Family Reunion

BlogLifestyleCustom t shirts ideas for perfect family reunion

Although they might not come around all that often, family reunions are special events, to say the least. When else are you going to have everyone in the same place at the same time?

These gatherings are for sharing stories, creating memories, and passing familial wisdom down from one generation to the next. They're for learning about your history and celebrating the future. They're for remembering and honoring what the term "family" means.

It makes sense that you want something that everyone in your family can leave with to remember this moment when they return home — wherever that may be.

Creating Family Reunion Memories With Custom T-Shirts

One of the best ways to commemorate this special time is with a custom-designed family reunion t-shirt that is special for your family members and unique to the celebration itself.

That can be a tall order, though. Unless you have a graphic designer and a screen printer in the family, designing a t-shirt can be a little difficult. Don't worry, though, TeamShirts is here to help. Our helpful tools, simple ordering, and affordable pricing make it easy to design and print high-quality custom t-shirts for any occasion — family reunions included.

So you know you want a custom t-shirt for your reunion but don't know where to start? Check out these tips for getting started with your design.


Family Reunion T-Shirt Ideas


When it comes to designing your family reunion t-shirt, you have a lot of options. So many, in fact, it might be difficult to get your thoughts straight! We're here to help, though. Start by thinking through these steps.

Bachelorette T-Shirt Ideas

Consider Your Location


One of the first things you should think about when you're designing your family reunion t-shirt is where the event is going to be held. Is it a place that's special to your family? Do you have history there? If so, you might want to include it in the overall design. Whether that's a particular city or an important family member's backyard, you might want the location to be represented visually in your design.

Think About the Iconography

bridin' dirty bachelorette party t-shirt

If you want to get a little more conceptual, maybe consider a symbol that best represents your family or your event. Trees are obviously a great choice, but you might also consider your family's history. An anchor might be appropriate for a family with a nautical history, or maybe a barn for a family with an agricultural background.


You could also consider the meaning of your last name. Putting a barrel on a t-shirt for the Cooper family reunion might be interesting, or a mythical beast on the shirt of the Griffin family. Or, if you want to go even less literal, play around with symbolism that represents your family's values and morals.


Bachelorette Party Custom T-Shirt Ideas

Keep it Simple

When designing a shirt, you want to make sure everything is clear and legible. You don't want to include too much text or too many design elements that might make your shirt feel a little too "busy." Remember, a singular image and a few lines of text is preferable, and stick to the motto "less is more."

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Make it Personal


When talking about t-shirt design — particularly for shirts commemorating special events — we always recommend making things personal. Is there a family saying or motto that you all hold dear? Is there a recently passed matriarch or patriarch that you want to honor? The more personal the imagery and messaging, the more meaningful the design will be.

We also recommend including the date and location somewhere in your design — that way, when family members find it in a drawer years from now, they'll remember that day and what it meant to them.


team bride bachelorette party t-shirt

Get Started with the TeamShirts Design Wizard!


If that got your wheels turning, you should head over to our Design Wizard to see what your family reunion t-shirt will look like in real life! And remember, you can always make multiple different designs and, with our vote function, see which one everyone likes best.

We're constantly developing features and techniques to ensure our custom-printed t-shirts are of the highest quality, and with our commitment to affordability, our prices are among the lowest in the industry.

Ready to create the perfect family reunion t-shirt? Get started on your design today!




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I think the sweatshirts are great. I think the print looks good. But you printed the same size logo on a medium that you then printed on an XL. I could understand if this was screen printing, but it wasn’t. Now the XL looks horrible with a small logo on it and I’m giving it as a birthday gift on Wednesday night. Not what I was expecting from the mock-ups I provided.


They removed background and created a…

They removed background and created a really neat logo. I love the quality and the color.


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First order of shirts all had crooked logos for the front left. Customer service was quick to respond and give me credit. Second order of shirts was a little better. 12 out of 36 items had crooked logos. 3 stars bc customer service was quick to reply.


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Quality material. Print was nice and as expected!

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So far so good

The price was great for the quality of the shirts plus customizations. Still TBD how long the printing will hold up to sweat and consistent usage, but after one wash- so far so good.



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