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How to Wash T-shirts

5 Golden Rules for Washing Your T-shirt: The Ultimate Care Guide

Let's be honest, washing t-shirts isn't rocket science. You can simply follow the care instructions on the label.

However, some tips don't fit on the small label but are just as essential for the long-lasting enjoyment of printed t-shirts.

So if you are you holding your favorite shirt in your hands and wondering how best to wash it without it shrinking, fading, or turning gray, you're in luck.

Here are 5 golden rules that you should follow when washing t-shirts especially if you want to enjoy your custom printed t-shirts for a long time.

1. Sort Laundry by color and wash separately - this keeps color particles from moving from turing white shirts gray over time.

2. Turn T-Shirts inside out before washing - this protects the print or embroidery on the t-shirt and helps retain intensity.

3. Wash printed t-shirts at a max of 80 degrees F (about 30 degrees C). - Higher temps can cause the print and textiles to break down more quickly.

4. Hang t-shirts out to dry - skpping the dryer keeps your textiles from fading and the print from dissolving.

5. Read the label and use the right deterget and dosage - powdered detergents are generally best for t-shirts, espeically printed t-shirts due to its lower surfactent content.

t-shirts washing, woman sorts laundry

Golden Rule #1. Sort Laundry

First, you should sort your laundry by color and sensitivity. Never wash white clothes with colored or dark laundry. High temperatures and strong detergents not only dissolve dirt from textiles but also small color particles. If you wash your T-shirts separately, you can prevent white shirts from turning gray.

washing t-shirts, laundry label with care instructions

Golden Rule #2. Turn T-shirts Inside Out

When sorting the laundry, you should turn t-shirts inside out. This will protect the print and color on the t-shirts, which is less likely to rub off on other garments in the washing machine. T-shirts with prints and embroidery in particular should be washed inside out so that they retain their color intensity for longer. Be sure to read the care instructions on the laundry label before washing the t-shirt.

t-shirts washing, woman uses detergent

Golden Rule #3. Use the Right Detergent

Another tip when washing t-shirts: Pay attention to the type and amount of detergent. Powdered detergents are best suited for T-shirts – shirts become cleaner that way. In addition, powdered detergents have a low surfactant content and are more environmentally friendly. If you prefer liquid detergent, follow the recommended dosage so that no residue remains on the clothes.

t-shirts being washed, how best to wash printed t-shirts

Golden Rule #4. Wash at 30 - 40° CT

Temperature is also a factor when washing your t-shirts: Most often, T-shirts are washed at 80 to 100° F. Higher temperatures can shrink the fabric and even cause the print on your shirts to fade, so printed t-shirts should not be washed above 80° F. You don't have to worry about the shirts not getting clean, because modern detergents clean lightly soiled laundry relatively well at 80° F.

HOT-TIP: Try washing your printed t-shirts in the cold cycle. As stated, even slightly soiled shirts will still become clean and, according to the Federal Environment Agency, lower washing temperatures can reduce energy consumption by up to 35%.

Also, pay attention to the care instructions on the garments' labels. They are there for a reason. :)

t-shirts on clothesline

Golden Rule #5. If Possible, Skip the Dryer

When freshly washed T-shirts come out of the washing machine, if possible, refrain from putting them in the dryer and opt for a clothes line instead. This is not only better for the textiles and the print on the t-shirt, but also better for the environment and saves you even MORE in energy costs. Cotton t-shirts dry best, and even wrinkle-free, if you hang them on a clothesline. On low humidity days, your shirts may even dry FASTER outside than in the dryer.

To prevent your favorite shirts from fading, avoid direct sunlight when you can. Keep an eye on the weather though, and be sure to bring your clothes inside at the first sign of rain or stormy weather.

Deodorant Stains?

Sweat and deodorant stains should be treated immediately because old, dried stains are difficult to remove. If the stain cannot be rubbed out, home remedies such as baking powder, citric acid or vinegar essence will help.

printed t-shirts washing tips, how to wash printed t-shirts

Washing Printed T-shirts

When washing your custom printed t-shirts, sometimes it's not enough to simply follow the care instructions on the laundry label. If washed incorrectly—for example, at too high temperatures or with the wrong detergent—the prints can be damaged or begin fading. To prevent the prints on your t-shirts from dissolving or washing out, follow these tips:

  • You should wash printed t-shirts at a maximum of 80° F (about 30° C), so that the quality and color intensity of the print is preserved for as long as possible.
  • Before washing, turn the t-shirt inside out to protect the print.
  • Don't use liquid detergents, but washing powders, which make T-shirts cleaner.
  • Also, t-shirts with print should not be put in the dryer. After washing, hang the shirts on the clothesline.
  • Printed t-shirts should never be dry-cleaned, because the bleaching agents attack the print motif.

To wash your favorite printed shirt as gently as possible, you should pay attention to the type of printing used. Some printing methods such as digital printing are sensitive—T-shirts are best washed by hand—while other techniques such as flex printing are particularly durable. This guide below will help you wash your printed T-shirts properly:

Digital direct printing is a type of printing that is suitable for all textiles. However, you should always follow the golden washing rules to protect the print. Wash the printed T-shirt at 80 °F - consider handwashing to even better preserve the brilliance of the colors.

T-shirts printed with flex printing are particularly durable and long-lasting and can withstand frequent washing. Even after many washes, the shape of the shirt and the color intensity of the print remain unchanged. Nevertheless, washings at 80° F are sufficient.

Embroidery is very resistant to washing and heat and can be washed at up to 200 ° F! So wash away!

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