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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Direct Printing

No minimum order quantity

With digital direct printing, the design of your choice is printed directly onto the product. This print technique is the most commonly used print type because it can be used on almost any textile or accessory. It is suitable for large, colorful designs with many colors.

How Digital Direct Printing works:

As its name suggests, this is a digital printing process in which design colors are applied directly to a product. To accomplish this, the textile is stretched in a frame and sprayed with a solution that makes it easier for the ink to adhere. Afterwards, an ink jet printer transfers the design piece by piece to the product. Finally, the design is fixed in the drying chamber so that the color does not fade and lasts as long as possible.

Pleasant to wear

Because the fabric is dyed directly with the printing ink, the design does not stand out from the textile. It feels soft, making the garment very comfortable to wear.

Easy to care for

Digital direct print orders are produced using waterless printing technology and biodegradable inks. Digital direct prints are also printed as print-on-demand (made-to-order) which saves resources and prevents overproduction.

Sustainable printing process

Textiles finished with digital direct printing can be washed up to 86 °F while still retaining their color brilliance for a long time. Nevertheless, you should be aware that the print motif will fade slightly during the first few washes, resulting in a "vintage look."

What to consider for Digital Direct Printing:

There are a few limitations with digital direct printing, as not all colors can be printed on all textiles:

  • Only suitable for white and coloured textiles made of cotton – not for breathable textiles such as jerseys
  • Min. 1 mm line strength
  • Only printable on the front and back sides
  • Colours such as neon, cyan, and Pantone cannot be achieved with this method

But don’t worry: We check every design and chose the perfect printing process. For example, we don't use digital direct printing to print on jerseys or hoodies.