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Embroidery is a popular, traditional decoration process. Because real yarns are sewn into the fabric, your embroidered design looks particularly elegant – whether on hoodies, caps, polo shirts, or aprons. Embroidery is ideally suited for logos, lettering, or motifs with few colors.

How Embroidery works:

Embroidery is one of the oldest, most elaborate finishing techniques for textiles, in which yarns are sewn into the fabric with needle and thread to form a pattern. Our embroidery machines now stitch up to 15 colors, instead of sewing by hand. To do this, we create a digital embroidery file, which tells the machine how to embroider the motif into the textile. Since this preparation is complex, manual work, we charge a one-time cost of 24.90 € per motif.

Classy, high-quality look

The yarn, which stands out soft but shiny from the product, has a particularly high-quality look. Embroidery is always a good choice for embroidering polo shirts, aprons or caps with logos, lettering or other motifs that need to make a good impression for a long time.

Durable and long-lasting

The yarns, made of tear-resistant polyester, are firmly woven into the fabric. This makes the embroideries highly durable and long-lasting. Textiles subject to heavy stress, such as workwear, outdoor or children's clothing, are suited for embroidery since they can also be washed without loss of color or quality.

What to consider for Embroidery

Your embroidery design file should contain the following elements for us to achieve your idea:

  • For designs with max. 3 colors: vector graphic (.svg or .ai), max. 10 MB
  • For designs with up to 8 colors: pixel graphic (.png or .jpg), with cropped background, max. 200 dpi
  • Designs with a size of min. 209 x 209 mm, min. 1.5 mm line thickness, min. 7 mm text height
  • No color gradients possible

Vector graphics, eight colors, isolated background – sound too complicated? Starting at 5 items, you can use our free graphic service to help prepare your motif for embroidery.