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Frequently Asked Questions

Flex Foil Printing

No minimum order quantity

Flex foil printing is a printing technique in which the motif is cut out of various foils, weeded by hand, and finally pressed onto the textile under pressure and heat. It results in a refined, high-quality print with expressive colors and a matte or a slightly shiny surface, which remains even after frequent washing.

How Flex Foil Printing works

Flex foil printing is a plot printing process in which motifs are cut out of various foils using a so-called "plotter". The motif is transferred to a thin, elastic flex foil, which itself is applied to a transparent transfer foil. Only then is it inserted into the plotter and cut. Everything that does not belong to the motif is removed (weeded) by hand. Then, the motif is pressed into the textile with a thermal transfer press under heat and pressure. If the motif consists of more than one color, the individual parts are put together, like a puzzle, and pressed onto the textile one at a time.

Glossy, bright designs

The various foils, which are used in flex foil printing, result in smooth, sometimes slightly glossy designs with strikingly bright colors. This printing process is particularly suited for motifs with one to three colors, for example to print names and numbers, company and club logos, or letterings on textiles.

Wear and tear-prone textiles

Products finished with flex foil printing retain their shape and color for a long time, even after many washes. For this reason, we use this method mainly for printing textiles that need to be stretchable and hard-wearing – such as jerseys.

What to consider for Flex Foil Printing

For flex foil printing, your motif should meet the following conditions:

  • Vector graphic (.svg or .ai), max. 10 MB
  • Designs with max. 3 colors
  • Min. 1 mm line thickness
  • No color gradients or transparencies
  • Especially suitable for small orders – for large orders and designs with multiple colors screen printing is more suitable and cheaper