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With thermo sublimation, designs are applied to products under heat. The clear prints, which are durable and easy to take care of, are perfect for accessories like mugs or bottles.

How Thermosublimation works

In thermos sublimation, designs are applied to products under high heat. To do this, the graphic design is first transferred mirror-inverted onto a carrier film – using heat and pressure. During this process, the color pigments become gaseous at 200° C and evaporate on the surface of the product. After the print is sealed, the product is durable and safe for daily use.

For daily use

Since the design is printed directly onto the product and then sealed, it is made durable and safe for everyday use. Mugs and bottles that we print with thermo sublimation are dishwasher safe, meaning that the design remains colorful and won’t peel off after washing.

Perfect for merch or gifts

Mugs, bottles or mouse pads with logos, photos or other designs are perfect merchandising products. Printed with thermo sublimation, they create strong contrasts and colors that are as long-lasting as the product itself.

What to consider for Thermal Sublimation

For thermal sublimation printing you should consider the following:

  • Suitable for pixel graphics (.png)
  • Line width of at least 0.6 mm for designs without backgrounds
  • Only for CMYK colors
  • White cannot be printed

Are you lost? If you order 5 or more products, our graphic design service will help you get your motif ready for printing for free!